Method to Reset iPhone to Factory Settings Without Utilizing iTunes

Resetting your iPhone to Factory Settings – There are numerous reasons why you may decide to reset or erase your phone settings. Reselling your iPhone is one reason and another reason could be that the setting is not working properly anymore.

If you are an iPhone owner and would like to restore your phone back to the original settings, then you should know that the process is very simple and you do not even have to use your computer. However, it would be smart to backup or sync all of your information on your computer.

1. Turn on your phone, search and click on Settings. If you do not find Settings on the Homescreen, then swipe your finger and type Settings to find it.

2. You will select General from the options on the list.

3. In the drop down menu you will have to click on the Reset button.

4. There will be numerous options available for you, but select the Erase All Content option in the Settings.itunes

5. Before moving on with the procedure, your phone will confirm about the action you are about to make. This option will delete all that you have saved and will restore all of the factory settings on your iPhone.

6. Your phone will ask you if you want to continue with the action and that the action can be reversed at this point, but not later one. Click the red button when you are sure you want to reset your phone.

These steps can be utilized without having to go to iTune, but can only be carried out with iOS5. If you don’t have an iOS 5 and would like to delete or reset your iPhone, then you can follow the steps provided below:

1. Press and hold the Home button at the same time with the Wake/Sleep button. The home tab is available on your phone display and the Wake/Sleep button is at the top of the phone.

2. Hold the buttons until your phone begins to restart. This process will take around 30 seconds to around a minute.

3. When the Apple logo appears, you can release your hold from the buttons.

4. Now wait until the logo is no longer visible.

5. You will not be given any options and your iPhone will reset itself. Make a solid decision before you start the process because once it is done all of the information will be lost.

6. When you are finished with deleting and resetting all of the files, then your phone will reboot all by itself.
7. Just wait until your phone is completely loaded.

8. The resetting process is complete.


Remember that all of the information on your iPhone will be deleted and you should backup information if you want to save particular files. A good idea would be to create a folder on your computer, so that you can easily search and retrieve all of your personal files from one folder.

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